A very appreciative thank you to Dr. Freuen for the vigulant removal of a very stubborn long rooted tooth.  His patience, diligence and control were outstanding, and it had to be, due to the fact that it was surrounded by crowns and bridgework.  Very impressive mate – jolly good!”


“Dr. Nicholas Freuen is one of a kind. Fabulous physician, has all the answers, but where he just shines to being ridiculous is – BEDSIDE MANNER.  83 years of life, and I mean this truly, I’ve just never come across his counterpoint.  I feel I was the luckiest old guy in North Spokane to be referred to Dr. Freuen.”


“I honestly feel like Dr. Freuen saved my life!!  I was fighting bone and jaw infection for 4 months before I found him!!  He found a crack in my jaw and helped me get well!!  

Claudia S.

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